Come and Escape the Great Indoors at Camp Durant!

Welcome to Scouting!!! Now, you want to take the family camping but don’t know where to go or even if you have the right stuff? No problem!

Make Camp Durant your location for your first outing!! You don’t have to wait for your Cub Scout Pack to plan a camp out. You and your family can come for the day, spend 1 or 2 nights. We have an overnight campground RESERVED just for you. Beautiful Camp Durant is located in Carthage, NC and is operated exclusively for the members of the Boy Scouts of America!Campsite at Camp Durant

You don’t have a tent? No problem! We have tents set up and waiting for you.

You don’t have a sleeping pad? No problem! Our tents have cots already set up in them.Tents at Camp Durant

You don’t want to camp without a Bathroom? No problem! We have flush toilets only steps away in your campsite.

You must have a hot shower? No problem! There are hot showers located IN your campsite.

Can’t carry a cooler very far? No problem! You can park your vehicle within steps of your tent. Your vehicle becomes your secure storage.

You’ve got to have electricity? No problem! The shelter located in your campsite has lights, electrical outlets, and picnic tables.

Gotta have Smores’? No problem! Every campsite has a fire pit and unlike state parks, there is plenty of firewood laying in the woods waiting for you.

We want to make camping easy and accessible for you and your family. Whether you are brand new to camping or are just getting back into it. Now that your family has joined Scouting, we have a spot waiting for you. Come and spend a night or the weekend in our campsite specifically reserved for you!

Make your reservation today by calling our Camping Specialists Henry Goodson or Kenna McIntire at 910-948-2382.